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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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time striking him. >> reporter: inside witnesses described chaos and a fear that they were trapped in the middle of a 9/11 attack. and it took more than an hour really before word had spread here that it was an isolated incident. this was no relation at all to terrorism. right now we're hearing both the victim of that domestic assault and the man accused who was shot, both alive and we're awaiting additional word on their conditions. back to you in the studio. >> yeah, some scary moments there, russ. amtrak police say the trains were brief stopped and the station was also evacuated for a short time, but metro was not impacted. bruce? only on 9 the family of a 5- month-old baby boy speaking out for the first time about the ambulance that wasn't there to transport that baby who later died. two investigations are continuing into the infant's death and how it was all handled. a fire truck arrived within minutes, but an ambulance never made it to the residence.
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our surae chinn has an exclusive interview with the infant's family. surae? >> reporter: well, bruce, the grandparents of this little baby boy say had the ambulance been at the home in time, this baby may still be alive. they also blame the landlord for not having an air conditioning unit inside that apartment, but they know that nothing now will bring this little boy back. >> he woke up, you know, throwing up trying to catch his breath because it was so hot in there. >> reporter: little 5-month- old trequon suffered from asthma and had trouble breathing in the sweltering apartment last thursday. the family called 911. help was on the way, but it would be a fire truck and not an ambulance that responded to the 4600 block of hillside road southeast. >> a fire truck with a kid, what are they going -- where are they going to sit the kid at? >> it makes no sense that babies have to die because the ambulance could not get to it
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in time. >> reporter: d.c. fire and ambulance ems are not able to respond to this ongoing investigation, but it's well known the district has a problem with a shortage of ambulances. the grieving family set up a gofundme to being raise money for funeral costs. >> he was a fun loving little boy and -- to raise money for funeral costs. >> he was a fun loving little boy. >> he was my grandbaby, the only one keeping me going of. >> reporter: for friday pop pop had time with the grand children. >> we had a good time. he keeps me going. no every now i won't see him no more. >> reporter: this prediction was given earlier in the week by a website operator. >> if this administration doesn't move very quickly to solve not just the shortage of ambulances but deal with 911, work on 911 abuse and all the other elements there are involved, they'll have as big of problem as the last administration did. >> we poor people, we ain't nothing but a number. so that's the way they treat us like a number. you all don't need a ambulance.
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ride in a fire truck. that ain't right. they done tore my heart out. they done tore me apart. >> reporter: the fire truck responded within four minutes of when engine 30 got the call. the mayor, fire and ems say they don't know if an ambulance would have made a difference. there is still no cause of death of this little boy. in northeast surae chinn, wusa9. >> surae, thanks for that report. more ambulances are expected to arrive in d.c. sometime next month. we've got a link to that gofundme page. you can find it by going to our wusa9 app. policed any a quick arrest of a man they say attempted to abduct two women last night in alexandria between 9 and 10 p.m. on north patrick and north take yet streets. in both cases police -- fayette streets. in both cases the man say the suspect tried to push the victim inside her apartment and
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she screamed and he ran off. he's identified as 34-year-old marquette johnson and is being held without bond. he may be involved in other attacks police say. a beautiful day is giving way to a cool evening and more changes are in store. >> chief meteorologist topper shutt has more on a yellow weather alert? >> i think our streak ends at six beautiful weekends in a row. we'll come to a crashing halt this weekend. you're out late tonight, you do want a sweater because temperatures will fall quickly. let's talk about futurecast tonight and tomorrow. by 9:00 you folks along winchester and of i-81 won't have -- and i-81 won't have time to get things done. by noon you got showers and storms already in much of fairfax county, loudoun county down to prince william county with temperatures in the 70s. this is a little quicker than it has been. i think it may be a little too quick. this would give us showers at the start of the game at byrd
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stadium tomorrow and at 3:00 showers pull out and there's more showers back west from martinsburg to hagerstown, temperatures still in the low to mid-70s and then we get into the evening hours, a few showers possible again at 6:00. notice, notice, shades of green, so nothing crazy -- though, shade of green, so nothing crazy heavy with the second round of showers, 74 downtown at 6:00 tomorrow. we'll come back, talk about the possibility of more showers sunday and how cool it will be behind this frontal boundary. it is a day of remembrance as the nation marks 14 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks. this morning president obama and first lady michelle obama paid tribute to the victims by leading a national moment of silence with hundreds of white house employees and staff. >> if i were to have one wish in this world, it would be to meet my dad. [ bell rings ] >> in new york city a bell
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ranking the first moment of silence when the american airlines flight slammed into the north tower of the world trade center. the names of all 2,753 people who died when both twin towers collapsed were read aloud. grieving relatives read the names of their loved ones on the memorial on the grounds. at the pentagon 184 people were killed when a hijacked plane slammed into the country's military headquarters in arlington. defense secretary ash carter laid a wreath today at the pentagon as taps was played. there was also a tribute to the brave men and women aboard united flight 93. names of the 33 passenger and seven crew members were read and bells rang at the federal memorial outside of shanksville, pennsylvania. the hijackers crashed the plane there after a revolt by passengers. it's widely believed the jet was headed for the u.s. capitol or the white house.
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september 11th, 2001, is a day that many of us will never forget. >> that's right. for one local family it's a day they lost their daughter. ellison barber shows us how they're remembering her 14 years later. >> reporter: the cotham family lost their daughter on 9/11 and every year they mark the day by releasing balloons. usually they do it in private, but this year they wanted to share that moment with the world. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: on september 11th, 2001, clifton khatham took his 11-year-old daughter to the airport. she was heading to california. >> that day i took her to the airport, her and her teachers. she said i'll see you when i get back of. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the trim of a lifetime. >> she did -- trip of a lifetime. >> she won a trip doing an essay for national geographic. >> reporter: but she never stepped off the plane. >> we had a crash east of the district area. >> reporter: at 9:37 a.m. american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon.
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no one on board survived. hours later the fbi knocked on the cotham's door to tell them what they already knew. >> that was her plane. you just feel something in your heart that just takes the wind out of you of. >> reporter: asia left behind her mom, michelle, her dad and older brother isaiah. today they were surrounded by friends standing together on the side of u street. >> you can't change your circumstances, but you can learn how to live in the circumstances that god gives you, so that's what we do. >> reporter: at 9:37 they said a prayer and released these balloons. >> pink is asia's favorite color. >> reporter: 205 are pink balloons, 14 for the years -- 25 are pink balloons, 14 for the years asia cotham never saw, but instead of tears there were smiles. >> we're doing something positive. we're trying to turn this thing around. like my wife said, we don't want this to happen no more. we're alarm. >> reporter: in northwest i'm
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ellison barber, wusa9. >> after asia died the family received tons of letters and many of those letters were filled with money. they said they didn't know what to do with it all, so they started a scholarship in her name. thus far that foundation has raised $250,000 given scholarships to 85 different people. we have more tributes to victims of the september 11th attacks from here in our area and across the country right now. go to our website or app, wusa9. we just received the surveillance video that shows the takedown of retired tennis star james blake. blake was standing outside the grand hype 8th hotel in new york city. see right -- hyatt hotel in new york city. see right there? that's when the police officer grabbed him, slammed him to the ground and handcuffed him. 15 minutes after this video was taken blake was released. again you see it right there. he has no idea this is coming. new york tess police chief
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apologized for thiness -- new york's police chief apologized for the incident and it remains under investigation. plenty of animals can show up in back yards, but an alligator isn't usually one of them. a homeowner in brookville, maryland, found a 3-foot alligator in his koi pond. it cook three hours to carefully drain that pond. the gator is at the protective wildlife zoo in frederick. we still don't know how he ended up in that pond. >> just glad it got out of that pond. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. still ahead how some virginia lawmakers are cracking down on predatory lending practices. >> also ahead terrified restaurant customers run for cover when a gunman barricades himself inside. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone in bethesda and i'll tell you how some quick thinking drivers helped reunit
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new information tonight about an amber alert in montgomery county. >> matter. a montgomery village mom has a -- that's right. a montgomery village mom has a few quick thinking citizens to thank for reuniting her with her daughter last night. debra alfarone will tell us how it all unfolded. >> reporter: you might have got than amber alert on your phone last night or drove past it on the highway, but police say a couple quick thinking citizens did exactly what they want them to do. in fact, they went above and beyond. if people see this car, what should they do? >> they immediately call 911 if they see this car. >> reporter: that's exactly why this toddler and her mom are now reunited. the drama started around 8 a.m. thursday on smooth stone way in montgomery village. police say 39-year-old jason winston kelly abducted his
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daughter, 15-month-old farah eva muhammed from her mom's home. >> there is a history of domestic violence. the husband after taking the baby sent threatening text messages. >> reporter: police investigated leads. hours passed. an amber alert was issued hitting highway billboards, tvs and cell phones. the goal? to galvanize the community to help. >> i got the amber alert on my phone when i was on my way home from work. >> reporter: the frederick county sheriff's office got a few phone calls from people who spotted the 2006 white hyundai santa fe kelly was reported to be driving in myersville. the frederick county deputy was headed near. >> i saw four or five other vehicles boxing the suspect vehicle in and honking and waving. >> reporter: because of that the deputy detained kelly, served him with a no custody order and little faral is back safe with her mom. >> -- farah is back safe with
5:15 pm
her mom. >> very lucky. i'm happy she's okay. >> reporter: police have very strict criteria for issuing those amber alerts. one, they have to think that the child was abducted, second the child must be and third, they have to feel the child is many danger among other criteria. we are live in bethesda tonight, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> thanks a lot for that, debra. amber alerts started with a 9- year-old girl who was riding her bike in arlington, texas, when she was kidnapped and then brutally murdered. police are looking for two people who got shot in takoma park. 1 map was hit in the summer, the -- one man was hit in the stomach, the other in the arm. 1 map matching a suspect -- one man matching a suspect description escaped along i-95. a possible break in the series of shootings along a
5:16 pm
phoenix highway. 11 vehicles have been targeted along this popular stretch of i- 10 over the last two week. yesterday police found a bullet hole in a commercial truck. fortunately there have been no injuries. a gunman who took hostages after a high speed chase in california is dead tonight. that man ran from officers when he crashed a stolen car. he then barricaded himself inside a restaurant full of people. dozens of customers poured out into the restaurant's parking lot with their hands in the air as s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the building. >> we were eating dinner and i just hear a man screaming get down, get down! and then he yelled out all women and babies get out and i ran out with my grandchildren. >> about an hour into the standoff a s.w.a.t. team made their way inside. they shot the suspect when he refused to put down the weapon. none of his four hostages were hurt. the initial chase was sparked by a power of carjackings
5:17 pm
earlier in the evening -- pair of carjacking s earlier in the evening. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> so how we doing picking those temps? are you back in the game? >> we were kind of disappointed yesterday quite frankly, but we're back on the horse today. although i'm worried about today. it's so dry out there it's like being in the desert southwest. the humidity is 29%, so that means it heats up invest quickly. we went for a -- very quickly. we went for a high today of 85. we thought that would be plenty. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it's 85 right now, the dew point is 50. rh is up 30%. it was 29% a little while ago. that's a dry air mass. so this time of year now when it gets warm, it doesn't necessarily get humid, so it's actually quite pleasant. you can exercise tonight if you want to. dry and rather cool tonight, a sweater a good idea out late.
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it will be 60s before midnight. get your outdoor chores done early saturday, although futurecast is upping the time frame a little bit. i think if you're in the immediate metro area, rockville, d.c., maybe over to fairfax, you've got till about 11 a.m. to get some stuff done. storms are possible for the terps game and then cooler with some showers still possible for the game at fedex and if you're tailgating, even tomorrow at the terps game i think saturday morning and sunday morning it will be in the 60s. football forecast, you can watch the game right here on wusa9, partly sunny, breezy, cool, some showers. there will be some sum, temperaturewise lies between 70 -- sun, temperature-wise highs between 70 and 75 during the game. 74 tonight, 66 in gaithersburg at 10:30 and 65 in frederick, so temps fall quickly. dry air masses heat up quickly and cool off rather quickly. now we'll advance this to 7 a.m. and we're still dry, in the low 60s, but showers on our
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doorstep already to luray and winchester by then and 11:30 showers will number leesburg, manassas and culpeper no doubt, probably by 10:00. they're getting close to the immediate metro area by the lunchtime hour and then certainly part of the game at byrd stadium has to be wet with some showers and storms. by 5:00 those showers move through, but more showers still developing in frederick and back toward leesburg. there are some reds and yellows here, so some heavy downpours are possible, not so much severe, heavy rainfall possible, temps low to mid-70s. they roll through and clear off quickly. all the way to sunday kickoff town, 71 downtown, 60s in the suburbs, partly cloudy for a kickoff, don't see showers during the 1st quarter. on the day planner 72 at 9:00, 77 at 11:00, maybe a thunderstorm at 11:00, certainly by 1:00 some storms, temperatures in the upper 70s. breezy with showers on sunday,
5:20 pm
76. i may have overdone the cloud cover there, beautiful monday, go back to work, murphy's law upper 70s. in fact, next week looks great, low 80s tuesday, mid-yets on wednesday -- mid-80s on wednesday and thursday, nats in town thursday and friday. coming up we'll talk to face the nation host john dickerson about the latest jacks between candidates in the republican presidential race. >> but up next some teachers are forced to spend their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms. now we're making it easier for you to help th
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doesn't money always seem to be tight for local schools? get this. fairfax county this week said it needs to cut $100 million from its budget. >> and that, of course, is forcing more teachers across the region to come up with money for school items on their own, but wusa9 is making it easy for you to help those local teachers fund their classroom projects. jody ash's 7th grade lab at d.c.'s inspired demonstration school is abuzz with activity,
5:24 pm
but with resources tight jody often digs into her own pockets. >> i don't know a teacher who does not pour a ton of extra money into their classroom. >> reporter: thanks to donors choose she's doing that less often these days. she post hers projects on the website and then waits for the generosity of others. >> to say that you're important and your kids are important and the work that's being done here matters and you're not alone in this is something that really can't be quantified. >> reporter: right now she's teaching her students about how humans impact the world around them. so she's trying to fund a new project. >> the alternative energy snap circus will allow to us design projects that would help the kids brainstorm ways to create alternative energy projects. >> reporter: it's money she says is very well spent. >> to put real money behind that so that the kids of the city have a chance and have everything they need to be successful means a lot. >> now you can help jody and
5:25 pm
other teachers just like her by visiting that's our teachers are superheroes page where we have information on how you can donate right now and a program note for you. tonight at 8:00 wusa9 teams up with cbs and the other broadcast networks for think it up, a telethon for public education, and stephen colbert is part of that effort. coming up baltimore's mayor makes a big announcement about her political future. >> also ahead serena williams comes up short at the u.s. open as she tries to complete the calendar year grand slam. >> reporter: the car title lending industry is booming in virginia, but it's also led to economic ruin for more and more desperate people. i'm peggy fox. coming up i'll tell you what some local lawmakers say needs to change.
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we've got breaking news
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right now from the campaign trail where former texas governor rick perry is suspending his campaign for president. you might know that perry has not been polling well and was the going to have a seat at the primetime gop debate next week. perry becomes the first candidate to suspend his campaign. you might also recall that he ran for president four years ago. >> so then there were 15 candidates left. nearly 20,000 people who took out loans from virginia's car title lenders last year had their cars repossessed. >> critics call the businesses predatory lenders who prey on poor and desperate people and as peggy fox reports this afternoon, some lawmakers are trying to crack document. >> reporter: those colorful signs promising cash on the spot are luring in more people, but many are winding up in trouble unable to pay off loans from car title lenders who charge interest rates as lie as 268% -- high as 268%. >> you need to read the fine print very, very, very carefully. >> reporter: leah richards
5:30 pm
said she took out an $800 loan a year ago from title max to pay for an old car she bought for only $1,300. being on disability and now in the hospital she doesn't have the $10,049 monthly payment. >> when -- the $149 monthly payment. >> when they handed me the contract and i say $149, i was like oh, my, god, $149 there are like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, $800, here you go. i was at that point to where i'll get it back somehow. >> reporter: richards may soon join a growing number of desperate people who have had their cars repo d. more than 38,000 -- repossessed. more than 38,000 people in virginia defaulted on their car loans last year and about half of that, more than 19,000, had their cars repossessed. >> sadly virginia is becoming known as the predatory lending capital of the east coast. >> reporter: virginia attorney general mark herring and
5:31 pm
delegate scott survil say virginia's law needs to change. >> these predators target low income families, people who are nonnative speakers and people from other states. it's bad and predatory and it needs to stop. >> peggy fox says the car title loan business has been booming since 2011 when virginia's legislation made it legal for lenders to use out of state titles as collateral. former kansas senator bob dole is now leading a major fundraising effort to build a memorial to dwight d. eisenhower right here in washington. dole said he aims to raise $150 million in private money. joining him in the effort will be actor tom hanks. the two men also worked together to raise $170 million to build the world war 2 memorial. a man is under arrest for allegedly having a weapon on school property and tonight he's held without bond.
5:32 pm
police took him into custody after finding him lying in some tall grass behind oakton elementary. they were alerted by teachers who saw the man wandering around with the knife in a field outside the school. a surprising decision today in baltimore where mayor stephanie rawlings-blake announced that she will not seek reelection. >> i realized that every moment that i spent planning for a campaign or reelection was time that i was taking away from my current responsibilities to the city, to the city that i love. it's the city that i took an oath to serve. >> this mayor has had a lot on her plate. the mayor's announcement comes always the city prepares for the trials of six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray and just two days after the mayor reached a $6.4 million civil settlement with gray's family. rawlings-blake became mayor of
5:33 pm
baltimore in february, 2010 after former mayor sheila dixon resigned in the midst of a political scandal. dixon has already said she'll seek reelection. the field is set for next week's republican presidential debate and donald trump will take the center stage. cnn invited the top 11 candidates based on the average of six national polls. now trump has a healthy lead among republican voters followed by dr. ben carson and ted cruz. donald trump and his closest republican rival will be this week's guests on sunday's face the nation and host john dickerson joins us now live with a preview. there's been a lot of name calling this week between trump and jindal and fiorina. you got to armor up. this is personal. >> now it's kind of reached a new level. jindal and carson joining the fray a little bit and it's getting into personal territory here, too donald trump commenting on carly fiorina's
5:34 pm
appearance and then ben carson and donald trump getting into a spat over religious faith. so it's getting more rapid and more heated. >> boy, this has been a race where donald trump, it's sort of donald trump and everyone else and then we just learned moments ago this rick perry was suspending his campaign. you get the sense that maybe after this week others may follow? >> i'm not sure. rick perry was having some money issues. i think that we'll wait till there's one more debate, but it certainly does -- donald trump certainly is at the top of the polls and is increasing that lead, in fact. that's in part why you're seeing some of these increased attacks is that the other candidates need to find some way to make in roads into knocking his campaign back. >> all right. we know you'll have plenty of things to ask donald trump and ben carson on sunday when face the nation airs at 10:30 in the moing.
5:35 pm
coming up and trending now donald trump made some other news today, not on the political side, but in his business portfolio. we'll explain. >> but first vice president joe biden nearly breaks down during an appearance of the late show with stephen colbert. top? >> all right. a gorgeous, gorgeous evening, but we did not get a break in pollen. in fact, you can always find this on our app. we send this out every day. low for trees but now moderate for grasses and high for weeds and mold spores. we'll come back, talk about our yellow weather alert for saturday, give you a time frame of
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
part by the women's voices theater festival. trending right now vice president joe biden's emotional appearance on the late show with stephen colbert. >> when the question of will he run for president came up, biden said he just can't commit because he's still grieving the loss of his son beau who died in may. >> i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. i was a hell of a success. my son was better than me and he was better than me in almost every way. >> in a national survey of democratic voters biden has jumped six points in the last
5:39 pm
month. hillary clinton has dropped 10 points and bernie sanders is holding steady at 27%. after trying to hook him for months donald trump has agreed to appear on the late show this month. >> that's a big catch. meanwhile the donald is claiming yet another victory. trump says he's gained full ownership of the miss universe and miss usa beauty pageant. the move completes his divorce from nbc. you might recall the network distanced lfitse from trump following his disparaging remarks about mexican immigrants. all right, bruce, you got a lot of beautiful art in your house, but this unusual art auction is underway on ebay and i don't think you have any of these in your house. >> probably not. all 32 paintings were done by animals at the oakland zoo. we're talking chimps, meerkats, elephants and giraffes. bidding starts at $200 each. all proceeds benefit the zoo's conservation efforts. >> everybody's art gets to have a beautiful piece and talk about how that piece helps the
5:40 pm
animals at the zoo have an enriching day and gets to help animals in the wild. >> the auction ends september 20th. last year the auction raised nearly $10,000 auctioned off 12 paintings. new pictures from pluto are pouring in from nasa's new horizon spacecraft. >> but up next how a d.c. man is honoring a soon to be saint that will be
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
while pope francis is here in washington he'll hold a canonization mass at the shrine. >> the d.c. man is also honoring the soon to be saint with one brush stroke at a time. >> reporter: from his home in southeast d.c. with johnny cash playing in the background luis delvia attacks a canvas. >> my art style is contemporary portraiture. i'm not looking to do the same thing the way the old masters did because i think my
5:44 pm
paintings have a little streak to them of realism and traditional portraits. >> reporter: his latest piece is of the franciscan friar pope francis will name a saint. others have devia's works. this one pope francis is in the collection of the catholic museum of art and history. >> pope francis is blessing the people. a lot of time in the tradition of portraits we see the pope or bishop or cardinal sitting down looking at the people very stiff and i wanted to break him out of the sts and put him in action. >> reporter: his first canvass were the streets of d.c. he emigrated here in 1985 from war torn nicaragua. he and his family settled in columbia heights, another war zone of sorts back then. >> my lifestyle wasn't religious at all when i was growing up. i had my own downfalls. >> reporter: with spray cans as his brushes and public
5:45 pm
spaces as his studio, he found his escape. he soon discovered there was faith within him that came out in his art. >> i had never really read the bible. i was not interested in church, but religious paintings is what really came out of me. i became catholic in 2009. i got baptized catholic and that's when my journey began. >> reporter: a visual journey that has led to inspiration. ♪ that train keeps a rolling ♪ ♪ >> reporter: shabruce leshan, wusa9. >> you saw images of marian barry and he has just been commissioned to paint in the d.c. high school. on the wusa9 app you'll find information about how you can catch a glimpse of the pope and the popemobile. i'told it's a jeep wrangler in the downtown parade september 23rd.
5:46 pm
nasa scientists say they are struck by newly released pictures of pluto. photos of the dwarf planet show a wide arrange of terrains, emergencies and ice patches and smooth terrains. these are just a fraction of the images that have downloaded from new horizon's fly-by in july. 95% of that data is still on the spacecraft. now to what nasa calls a solar tornado, topper. look at that, that giant swirling mass over to the side, overheated plasma that churned over the surface of the sun for 40 hours last week. a nasa spacecraft captured all of that. the temperature of the ionized iron apartments was about 5 million degrees. -- iron particles was about 5 million degrees. what do you compare that to? >> nothing down here on earth. i mean tornadoes last a matter of minute down here. that's impressive, not to mention the temperature.
5:47 pm
>> very. we had an impressive day today. it's so gorgeous outside, you wonder how could we go downhill so fast tomorrow? we will. our streak of great weekends will come to an end. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam and it's still great. it's 85, but the dew point's 50. that's crazy low which means the humidity translates to 30%. that's a pretty darn nice air mass and winds are calm, but if you go out tonight, it's going to be rather cool. it's going to stay dry. i would recommend a sweater if you're out late. temps will be in the 60s well before midnight. get outdoor chores done early tomorrow and futurecast is upping the time frame a little bit. if you want to get the grass cut and you're west of town, you better cut it like 7:00 in the morning which may be against ordinances actually. storms possible for the terps game, especially the 2nd half, and then cooler with some showers on sunday. i mean we're looking at temperatures only in the 60s if you're tailgating at fedex. in fact, here's the forecast. you can watch it right here on
5:48 pm
wusa9. temperatures during the game will be between 70 and 75, but there will be a couple showers possible and winds could actually be a factor even in the game westerly at 10 to 20 with high are gusts. so -- higher gusts. 10:00 tonight 66 in gaithersburg, 65 in frederick, 74 downtown. temps fall very quickly tonight and then by morning 7:00 it's 61 in manassas, 62 in leesburg, showers already along the i-81 corridor and by 11:30 showers essentially fairfax westward. see the orange and yellow heavier activity north of fredericksburg and south of manassas, 70s across the board pretty much. we'll advance it again. first we have showers move out and then a second wave rolls in. this is now 5:00, a second line of showers trying to develop between frederick and leesburg and there's even some red in there. we aren't so much concerned about severe weather tomorrow, but we are concerned about heavy downpours
5:49 pm
and gusty winds. sunday at 1:00, kickoff time, only 71 downtown. most of the burbs are in the 60s. that may be a little bit cool. for the time being most of the showers are in the mountains, but i do feel futurecast is underdoing the showers here. i think we'll have showers as we go through the day and with the winds. partly cloudy and rather cool tonight 58 to 68. yellow weather alert tomorrow becoming mostly cloudy, late showers and thunderstorms, 58 to 76 and been think afternoon more showers and thunderstorms -- then by afternoon more showers and thunderstorms, high in the 80s and winds southwest at 10. 72 in the morning and pair of 77's at 11:00 and 1:00 with some showers rolling through. sunday we're okay with just a few showers but breezy, 76, gorgeous on monday, sunshine, upper 70s. next seven days, a really nice stretch of weather. want to do some painting outside? you can. 83 tuesday, 84 wednesday, mid-
5:50 pm
80s thursday, upper 80s friday, nats back in town next thursday. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> 300-1, those were the odds staring at roberta vinci today. i want you to think nc state versus phi slama jam dma, miracle on ice. voyage which i was supposed to be the next victim on -- vinci was supposed to be the next victim on roadkill tour, 30 years old, chalk this up. it was going to be easy. that's why we play the game. serena had everybody yawning in the 1st set. 6-2 cakewalk. 31 minutes. her record at u.s. opens against unseeded players 44-1, so you're expecting it's over, but vinci kept grinding, took the 2nd and rallied in the 3rd and pulled off what some are calling the greatest upset in
5:51 pm
tennis history. the serena slam no more. we will hear from the victor in our 6:20 sportscast. fitting in not always easy in life. there's some added pressure when your family moves around a lot and you have to make new friends every couple of years. as diane roberts reports, one ardmv ea high school using that to build a sense of community and perhaps a competitive advantage. >> here we go. >> reporter: football practice comes every evening at bishop ireton in alexandria. this players dad took over as director of operations for the air force. >> being a part of the air force is like being on a much larger team. >> reporter: just like his football family. senior kicker david cooper is in his second year. his army family moved here from korea. coop showed him the ropes. >> i feel like i've helped students who are either new to
5:52 pm
this school because they're in a military family or coming here for the first time. >> reporter: these players aren't the only ones who come from military families. several teachers have military backgrounds and so do some of their coaches. >> he kicks the ball left wind. >> reporter: this head coach is a retired marine lawyer. >> i reach out to our admissions office every couple weeks in the springtime understanding that as military families get orders, they may be looking at bishop ireton. >> reporter: four other coaches have armed coaches backgrounds including joe sedlar, an army intelligence officer, charlie meyer who was a naval ship officer. they say honor, respect and loyalty guide them on and off the field. >> we govern ourselves by our service, so i'm looking for that and maybe hold those kids to a higher standard. >> they read that out of you and they adopt that same culture. >> i think it helps.
5:53 pm
it gives us an advance as far as overall team discipline. >> reporter: an advantage they hope translates to wins. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> i know coach berducci is a good guy, former navy guy like myself. not easy when your parents are moving around. they take this and use it to their advantage, bishop ireton doing a good job. coming up at 6:00 is he going to run? late night show host stephen colbert put the question to vice president joe biden. republican candidates meanwhile get ready for another debate. >> reporter: what an inspiring tribute here at the pentagon to the 184 people who lost their lives here on september 11th. i'm andrea mccarren. i'll have a live report coming up. >> but first see how brides can enlist extra help when their girl friends are just too busy.
5:54 pm
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getting married can be very stressful for the bride to be. what about the groom? i just threw that in. the bride -- >> you guys are the ones that luck out. >> busy schedules can get in the way. >> jill wagner shows us how you can hire a bride's mid-for your big day to -- maid foryour big day to help pick up the slack. >> reporter: christina bisano is getting married in december. she works full time and worries about a million details. >> now i need to reach out to my bride's maid to do this and sometimes they can't do it. >> there was nobody behind the scene who was supposed to be there just for the bride and that was crazy to me. it should be all about the bride. >> reporter: so jen branch filled that niche as a bride's maid for higher. >> i'm the personal assistant, the peacekeeper for the whole bridal party. >> reporter: she's not a wedding planner and deals specifically with the bride and wedding party. brides can get just one on one
5:58 pm
help online or for more she'll be at your side on the wedding day. newlywed brin mueller hired her as a bride's maid because her friends and family all lived out of town. >> initially i felt weird about oh, i have to pay someone to be my bride's maid. she there was to take care of all the little things that went awry. >> reporter: even to fix the bride's veil for her trip down the aisle. some might find it strange to hire an outsider for personal wedding tasks, but if it makes the day better, it can be worth it this doctor says. >> everybody is a little freer to really celebrate and enjoy the occasion of. >> reporter: jill wagner, cbs news, new york. 14 years after the september 11th attack that changed our world the pentagon community gathered to remember and reflect on the tragedy.
5:59 pm
thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. 184 people lost their lives at the pentagon including military and civilian employees and passengers and crew members aboard the plane that slammed into it. andrea mccarren was at today's tribute. she joins us live from the pentagon. andrea. >> reporter: bruce and lesli, a very moving tribute to those who lost their lives here on september 11th and a warning to anyone who wants to harm americans anywhere in the world. >> those who attempt to inspire fear or terror will find no satisfaction and no success in threatening the united states. >> reporter: as hundreds of defense department employees looked on, secretary ashton carter made a promise. >> no matter how long it takes, terrorists will not escape the long arm and the hard fist of american justice. we will find you.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: the pentagon community has pledged never to forget the 184 lives lost here on september 11th. >> they were our colleagues. they were our friends. they were our family. >> reporter: throughout history the united states had emerged from tragedy even stronger. the pentagon may be scarred, but it's resilient. >> the building stands for all of us as a symbol of strength and community. all of us remember where we were on that morning. >> reporter: and to those who lost their lives on september 11th or the days since, the defense secretary said there is no memorial grand enough, no tribute great enough to honor those who sacrificed so much for so many. reporting live from the pentagon andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> andrea, thanks for that report. as the 184 people killed at the pentagon september 11th, 55


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